Art on Paper

Art on paper is a blog celebrating breath-takingly stunning and beautiful works by artists, architects, crafters, designers, engineers and photographers. The creativity, imagination, technical skill and even the emotion of a creator is captured forever in the works of visual artistry they produce. Their tools can be a simple pencil, pen, or brush; a printing block and ink; a roll of film and light; or anything they can use to create a mark. Without the creator, the paper and some tool, you can not have a work of art.

The blog will focus on active creators all around us. These are the architects, crafters, poets, authors, letterpress printers, photographers and even the youtube blogger’s that often pop up on our social media feeds.

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Letterpress Printing

The age old letterpress printing technique has been experiencing a revival in recent times. The craft is in high demand for wedding invitations as it is charming, timeless and luxurious; and is also in demand for personal stationery. The technique is labour intensive, requiring skill and knowledge of typography, ink colours and papers. 

The process uses relief printing plates, where the form to be printed on the paper is a raised surface. Individual movable letter blocks are positioned in a frame by hand, locked into place and located on the printing press bed. The surface of these letters is then inked and pressed against the paper to create each printed piece one at a time. Photopolymer plates have allowed letterpress printers to push the boundaries of the craft. The skill and craft mastery required to create each and every print sets letterpress apart from digital printing and ensures that is the perfect accent to create a distinctive and lasting impression for any wedding, special occasion or communication.

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In architecture sketching serves three purposes: a tool in the architect’s design process, a method of organising of ideas and a means of communicating with others.

An architect’s hand is an integral part of the process of a design. The completed sketch is often less important than the thoughts behind it’s creation. Sketching captures the architect’s ideas in their true form and allows ideas to be quickly and freely expressed and communicated.  In todays world of computer aided design tools, sketching is becoming a dying art form.  It requires technical skill and ability to illustrate how shadows may fall from a building, the scale of buildings to the humans and the surroundings, an understanding of materiality, and light. All these components are understood by hand.

When a project requires many iterations, sketching becomes the architect’s muse. All architect’s should let their hand take us on the journey of a building’s origins. These sketch’s become not only a record of their creative path to the final design, but also a beautiful form of art on paper.

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Photography is about capturing a moment in time, freezing it forever and displaying it in a beautiful print. It is both a craft and a skill that merges the worlds of technology and art to create a stunning result.

A photographer captures a unique moment in time and paints that moment with the light that falls on their subject. People, weddings, concerts and life are where a photographer finds their inspiration. Their camera becomes their window onto that moment and the setting they use to capture the light painting their subjects is what makes the beautiful and powerful artform.

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If you have watched Netflix’s amazing ‘The Get Down‘ undoubtedly you will have heard the main character,Ezekiel refer to himself as a ‘wordsmith’. A befitting title for any creative person who has a amazing way with words be they written or spoken.

Poets, authors, rappers, etc.. can all rightfully claim this title as they all can tell a more than captivating story through the intertwining of their words. Poets and dare I say rappers can rightly call themselves spoken word artists who create powerful and engaging poetic performances that strikes a cord with their audiences. Just like authors, they commit their works to paper.

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Every good story starts with a script or storyboard on paper and in Youtube, content creators have found the perfect means of distributing their creative works. Creators or youtubers as they are known cultivate relationships with their followers and often deliver daily vlogs that are both captivating and cinematic.

Wordsmiths, photographers, printers and crafters of all disciplines can be found on the platform.